Combination Leak Detector and Pipe Locating System

Pipe Leak Combo


    Complete underground leak locating kit ideal for all levels, beginner to expert
    Perfect for residential and commercial slab leaks
    Preferred by experienced underground leak locating professionals for deceades
    Leak Detector:

    Solid aluminum construction housing contains circuitry, controls and meter: Weight 2.5lbs. Dimensions: 3" x 6" x 10"
    "Easy to read sensitive meter that displays microphone response and indicates battery status"
    "Wide-range controls to adjust amplifier gain, meter sensitivity and filter frequency "
    Filter Range 20Hz - 500Hz on 'Lo', 20Hz - 3.5KHz on 'Hi
    Bell is an optional accessory and may purchased separately.
    Pipe Locator:

    Compact, portable, lightweight and ergonomically designed
    Precise multi-position antenna ensures pin-point precision locating
    Easy to use controls and crisp audio response make line locating and identification simple