425' PB3600es - DESIGNED FOR 3"-10"  PIPE



1 - 1.29" Diameter Color Camera Head - Aircarft Aluminum Professionally Machined Housing, 520 Line CCD Camera Video Module

1 - 10 Bright White LED's

1 - Sapphire Window 

1 - Built-in 512hz Sonde/ Transmitter

1-  7" Color LCD Display

1 - Water Tight Pelican Style Upgraded Enclosed Control Box Case 

425' 1/2"  Imperial Cable

Easy Retermination Cable Adpter Design

3/4" Tube Steel / Tool Finish Powder Coated Frame ( Call for Custom Colors )

110 Volt  




425' PB3600es

  • Unit Listed Comes Stanard with a Non-Self-Leveling Camera Head Manufactured with Aircraft Aluminum. See descriptions below for Camera Head Options & Upgardes.

    • Stainless Steel Upgrade: Upgrade Existing Head to a Stainless Steel Non-Self Leveling Camera Head for Longer Durability. (1.29" Diameter) 
    • Self-Leveling Upgrade: Replace Aluminum Non-Self-Leveling Camera Head with a Self Leveling Camera Head (1.88" Diameter) 
    • Add Self-Leveling Camera Head Option: You can Add the Self Leveling Camera Head to the unit as a second camera head that is interchangable with the Non-Self-Leveling Camera head already included. 


    If you have questions regarding these options please call and speak with a sales represenative. 214-503-0402


    • SD Card Recorder Option: Includes a Built-in SD Card Recorder easily Record directly to and SD Card. 
    • Wifi Connection Option: Allows you to view, save, record, send from iPhone, iPad, Android Device. (Some Android upadted will effect performance of App.) 
    • On-Screen Footage/Typing Option: This item will allow you to display how many feet you are pushing out & Type On-Screen. The upgarde includes Hardware, Software and SD Card Recorder. 
    • Skid Kit option: Includes 2 Skids